About Journal

Aims and Scope:

Technical Education Journal KMUTNB (ISSN: 1905-3819,) is double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two independent reviewers, open access scientific journal, published by Faculty of Technical Education, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) since 2010. Technical Education Journal KMUTNB published original research articles, reviews, and editorial corner in areas of technical education and engineering. Technical Education Journal KMUTNB also aims to introduce research progress of technical education and achievements of engineering development to the local community by demonstrating the significance of research investigations and demonstrations. Accepted manuscript to Technical Education Journal KMUTNB will be published in PDF formats in April, August, and December.

Technical Education Journal KMUTNB consists of two major sections in Technical Education and Engineering field:

Technical Education – This section contains topics in the multidisciplinary domain of technical education and technology on solving technical education problems and developing the application of academic research. The focus of this section target to disseminate the progress of the analysis of problem, finding solution and synthesis of knowledge in the fields such as electrical engineering, machanical engineering, civil engineering, computer education, technical education management, technological education and other topics related to technical education.

Engineering – This section contains topics in the combination of engineering, invention and innovation and focuses on solving technical problem. The targets of this section includes research works in applications of engineering and technology such as electrical and electronics, industrial production, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and other topics related to engineering.

Publication Type: Research articles, and Review articles

Publication Frequency:

Vol.1 – Vol. 8, 2 issues/year:        No.1 January – June        No. 2 July – December

From Vol. 9, 3 issues/year:           No.1 January-April,            No.2 May-August,                  No.3 September-December

Language: Thai or English

Free Access: online

Peer-Review Process:

After Technical Education Journal KMUTNB receives a submission, the editor with consultation from the Editorial Board will check whether the research work presented in the manuscript: (a) fits with the scope of the journal, and (b) meets the editorial criteria in terms of originality and quality. The editor of Technical Education Journal KMUTNB has right to select reviewers for a submitted manuscript considering the research expertise of the reviewers. Before sending the manuscript to reviewers, the editor seeks consent from potential reviewers regarding their availability and willingness for review in appropriated time frame. The communication between the editorial office and reviewers is kept confidential. Peer review process is a Double Blind. Reviewers should not disclose any information. After review of the manuscript by at least two independent reviewers, the decision will be made by the editor, which can be categorized in three conditions as follows; Accept without changes, Revisions Required, and Reject.